🚨 Action needed in California

🚨 Action needed in California

 A new NEM-3 proposal has been released by the California Public Utilities Commission. 😡

Here's the top 5 things you need to know and why it is critical we fight back and do it quickly.
  1. The new CPUC NEM 3 "proposal" includes $30-40/month fee + additional fixed charges per kW on residential and now potentially on commercial/ag projects.

  2. The fees are HIGHER if you have batteries and would apply to what your customers self-produce and self-consume. Yes – fees for making your own solar power that you use for residential and commercial.

  3. CPUC still wants to lower the value of solar kWh from the current retail rate minus a few charges to 5 cents per kWh.

  4. Still on the table: retroactive changes to your existing customers, other taxes, monthly netting, and more.

  5. Next steps: We MUST come out in force on June 2 and stop this bad proposal in its tracks. The CPUC is inviting feedback. Let's give it to them! Shut down your work, bring your whole team, and meet us in LA or SF to tell the CPUC and the Governor, once and for all, NO SOLAR TAX! RSVP Here. And then spread the word  to everyone you know.
Here's the recording of the emergency NEM 3 webinar we had at CALSSA.
We MUST come out in force on June 2 to San Francisco and Los Angeles to stop this bad proposal in its tracks. The CPUC is inviting feedback. Let's give it to them!
California Solar & Storage Association (CALSSA) is organizing two simultaneous events on June 2, one in Los Angeles and one in San Francisco. The events are being held in conjunction with a meeting of the CPUC to create the largest ever submission of live public comments in CPUC history.
Our goal is to give the CPUC massive feedback on June 2 with two giant in-person rallies and public testimony events. To attract enough attention that our collective voice is heard by the governor so that he takes action to protect this important solar market, your business, your job, we need you and your colleagues to attend one of these rallies. RSVP today. Don't wait!
Thank you!
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