Memorial Day Incentives 2022

Memorial Day Incentives 2022



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It's been crazy busy with summer just around the corner. This is when homeowners with solar energy have the most opportunity to save money! More hours of Sun hours. The Term, "Sun hours" doesn't mean how long the sun has been in the sky. It refers to the amount of time the sun is in the right position to generate, (Peak Energy). Most places get about 4 to 6 Sun Hours per day. The exact amount influences system sizing. 

DENVER — Xcel Energy is significantly closer to getting permission to recover more than $500 million from customers because of increased energy use during a cold snap in mid-February 2021. Read More 
Source;  Erin Powell, Channel 9 News. 
For well over 100 years you have been loyal and paying whatever they tell you to pay on your bill or they shut you down. No real choice of where to go, or many choices on how you got your energy. Especially the more hardship you render. Now you can own your power and you won't need to pay for their mistakes. It's supposed to be that loyalty earned you rewards. Whatever happened to that? 

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