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Learn more about Powur Equity Bonuses

 Learn more about Powur Equity Bonuses

Powur Vision Holders | What it Means to Own Stock in Powur


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The opportunity for this company is not just to be an innovative model for how customers are acquired for sustainable energy. Although that's a hugely valuable company, that's not even close to the real potential of our organization.
What we're really building is a new global model for a clean energy utility, and a clean energy utility is not just going to supply the electricity in the future.
Powur’s future potential is to provide sustainable essential services at breakthrough costs. It's going to be energy, storage, transportation, food, water, materials, and housing. That is because society is morphing out of its extraction-based economic and resource model, where we extract from the world around us to provide for our needs.
We believe society is moving towards a technological creation-based model. We're not going to need to extract energy anymore, we're going to create energy. We're not going to need to extract water, we're gonna create water. We don’t need to extract from the environment to create livestock for meat, we’re going to grow meat with precision fermentation, etc. So, this is the big technological shift happening on the planet right now that is an opportunity for many essential service sectors.
The idea is that Powur can become the organization that supplies people with the technologies they need to create the resources they require to sustain life at breakthrough costs.
Energy is just the first one, but as you look over the coming decades at disruptive technologies like precision fermentation and 3D printing, and many more things that are coming, we think we're gonna have an opportunity to provide those technologies to our customers and scale this model internationally. That's the vision we have.


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