Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day


Ah Earth Day, the one day we all make a conscious effort to regenerate our planet. At Powur we don't believe in celebrating the Earth for one day only, we celebrate for an entire month! So how will we celebrate this year? Dave's Energy Solutions is proud to present to you, the Earth month Incentive by Powur PBC


This month and until April 30, 2022. Homeowners are able to receive a check for 12-36 months of their monthly payments. 

At a time, when energy prices are through the roof, this could help homeowners get some much-needed relief and peace of mind. It's bad enough that you're feeling the pain at the pump. You shouldn't have to feel the rising cost of energy on your utility bill too. 

Dave's Energy Solutions is proud to present the Powur Earth Day incentive to help you make the transition to sustainable energy. This way, you can feel good with confidence that you're making a good decision that will reduce your carbon footprint, increase the value of your home, give you predictability, & an end-of-contract date so that you can truly obtain sustainable Solar energy freedom!  

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